By referring each paid user, you earn 20% of the total payment the user paid.

That is:

  • By referring each Invididual-1 Plan user, you earn $4.8 USD.
  • By referring each Invididual-2 Plan user, you earn $12 USD.
  • By referring each Invididual-3 Plan user, you earn $24 USD.
  • By referring each Invididual-4 Plan user, you earn $48 USD.
  • By referring each Enterprise Plan user, you earn up to $240 USD.

Expiry of Free Account Doesn't Matter

Free account will expire if there is no renew over one month. But the expiry of free account will not affect the working of the affiliate system.

Commission Lock Period:

Your commissions will be withdrawable 30 days after the purchase takes place. We call this 30 days as lock period. During this period, we wait to see if refund happens, and check if the purchase is normal/legal.

Commission Conditions:

  • Visitor must come via valid ref ID or your approved affiliate page (find more details below)
  • Visitor registers as user of WorkCron and pays within 30-days cookie period.

Payment Method:

We're currently using PayPal to pay our affiliates their commissions.

Withdrawal Threshold:

Once your withdrawable commissions add up to $50 USD, you may request a withdrawal.

Steps to Join:

  • Sign up an WorkCron account for free (Don't worry, the expiry of free account won't affect the affiliate activities).
  • There are two options to promote WorkCron:

    • OPTION 1: Adding ref=XXX (practically ?ref=XXX, &ref=XXX or ref=XXX&) to any URL that links to us
      • After login, on Affiliate Dashboard, you can find your affiliate ID in "From ref=XXX".
      • Construct URL likes or etc..
      • place the URL on any related webpage.
      OPTION 2: Submit Affiliate Page for tracking
      • After login, on Affiliate Dashboard, click on "Add affiliate page" to add an affiliate page (A webpage that you want to place our link on).
      • We approve the affiliate page.
      • You place any of our links (basing on your affiliate page. Done!

      Our tracking technologies:

      We use "Referer" field in HTTP request header to track clicks and sales (30-days cookies). That is to say, you can place directly on your page instead of

      Solution to URL uncertainty:

      If you're a plugin/extension developer/team, the URL of the final affiliate page could be uncertain. Because your plugin/extension will be installed on your users' own domain. In these cases, you can use a medium JS redirection page as an affiliate page. Detailed solution is as below:

      • Download the example files. There are two files: link-examples.html are some example links. You can construct your own link similar than them and place it in your content; redirect.html is a file that should be placed on your site (you can change it to any filename or place it in any path). Once a visitor clicks on the promotion link in your or your users' webpages, the visitor will be brought to redirect.html, and redirect.html will use a simple JS redirection to take the user to
      • Submit an affiliate page (for example, on
      • We approve the application. Done.

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